About Fein Law, LLC.


Fein Law, LLC. is a full service law firm dedicated to bridging the gap between traditional practice of law and law as it will be practiced in the future as influenced and altered by technology.  Fein Law, LLC. was founded on the principle of providing a modern approach to the practice of law, taking into account the impact of emerging technologies on the way legal services are dispensed and consumed now and into the future.

Fein Law, LLC. incorporates into its practice of law the latest in emerging technologies to provide a new type of legal service. This new legal service is  responsive to the client’s needs by reducing the repetitive tasks and allows for unfettered attention to the client specific issues. Fein Law, LLC. makes it a priority to invest in the latest technologies and to customize these technologies to the need of the clients.  By staying ahead of the technology curve, Fein Law, LLC. is able to anticipate the future trends and development to provide cutting edge legal representation and to provide cutting edge legal opinions regarding the cutting edge technological advances.


Debra Lynn Fein, JD, MBA is the founding member of Fein Law, LLC.  Ms. Fein is a graduate of the Shepard Broad Law Center at Nova Southeastern University (Juris Doctorate; 2011), The University of Miami School of Business Administration (Master’s in Business Administration in Finance and Computer Information Systems; 1987) and Smith College (Applied Baccalaureate (A.B.) in Government; 1986). In addition, Ms. Fein is a Florida Supreme Court Certified Arbitrator (2013). Ms. Fein is working toward a Master’s in Law Degree (LL.M.) through the Boston University School of Law On-Line Graduate Tax Program.

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Located two blocks south of the Broward County Courthouse, Fein Law, LLC. is not your father’s law firm! There is no dark wood and hushed hallways here! Instead, Fein Law, LLC.’s modern decor reflects a modern approach to the law. Fein Law, LLC. is a full service litigation law firm that focuses on the application of the law to business on the internet  [Internet Law]; the application of law to protect the rights of the owners of real estate in the condominium setting [Condominium Law]; and  the unique application of law to those who are 63 years of age and older [Elder Law].

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