Fort Lauderdale Attorney Focused On Condominium Law

Fein Law, LLC., a boutique legal practice in Fort Lauderdale, is dedicated to protecting the rights of Homeowners throughout the surrounding areas of Florida.

Debra Lynn Fein, JD, MBA, focuses her practice on Condominium Law because as a Condominium Owner herself she knows first hand the frustrations of dealing with the issues that arise. Since the condominium organization is merely a special form of the corporate organization, Condominium Law is a natural partner of Business Law. In addition to Condominium Law, Fein Law, LLC. provides a full–service Business Law practice to its clients.

"Because I am selective about the cases I accept, I am able to provide keenly focused and highly personalized attention to each and every client. This is the benefit to the property owner of choosing a boutique law firm!" — Attorney Debra Lynn Fein

Turn to Fein Law, LLC. for responsive, hands-on service from a lawyer you can rely on to promote your best interests and protect your real estate investments.