Condominium Law

Florida law pertaining to Condominium Associations is extensive and complex. Owners seeking to protect their rights and investments require the assistance of a qualified and knowledgeable lawyer.

Fort Lauderdale attorney Debra Lynn Fein, JD, MBA, provides strategic and effective representation that Owners need and deserve. Her practice encompasses:

  • Liens: An Association that files a lien on a Unit is taking the first step toward foreclosure. Attorney Debra Lynn Fein will advise you as to your rights and responsibilities.
  • Recalls: Whether you are waging a Recall or fighting one, strict adherence to the rules is vital to your success. The caliber of your legal counsel can make a significant impact.
  • Records Requests: Obtaining copies of the Association's Records is a critical component of proving many cases. Attorney Debra Lynn Fein assists with this crucial step.
  • Grievances, Rules Violations and Fines: If your Board has threatened you with a sanction, Attorney Fein's knowledge and experience will be instrumental in protecting your rights.
  • Fiduciary Duty: When a Condominium Board breaches its fiduciary duty, Owners have recourse.
  • Concrete Restoration Concerns: The restoration of cement balcony floors, patios and other areas often gives rise to numerous disputes. Fein Law, LLC advises clients on restoration regulations, special assessments and related issues.
  • Condo Documents: When it comes to understanding and interpreting Condominium Documents, an experienced lawyer's assistance is essential.
  • Issues Affecting Elders: Seniors often face unique challenges when it comes to protecting their real property investments and assets. Fein Law, LLC provides assertive advocacy in an array of areas specifically impacting Seniors.
  • Helpful Information: The Web offers an array of useful information, but you need to know where to look. Review the above link to start your own search.
  • Other Condominium Association Issues: Fein Law, LLC is available to advise clients in a broad spectrum of other matters, including selective enforcement claims, mold and water damage, pet restrictions, interference with unit sales and rentals, improper lease restrictions, failure to maintain common areas, noise complaints and illegal budget increases.

To arrange a consultation about any Condominium concern or dispute, call Fein Law, LLC at 954-533-0825. You can also reach the firm online.