Representing Elders in Condo Matters

Older adults in Florida face unique challenges when it comes to protecting their property rights, their financial security and their peace of mind. Unforeseen maintenance fees, special assessments and other unexpected expenses particularly affect Elders who own Condominium Units and may be on fixed incomes. Significantly, Elders are often easy targets of unscrupulous neighbors seeking money.

"I am a Fort Lauderdale attorney and Florida Supreme Court Certified Arbitrator with a strong focus on Condominium Law. You can rely on me for personal, hands-on service and straightforward counsel on all types of Condominium issues facing you or your loved ones." — Attorney Debra Lynn Fein, JD, MBA; Fein Law, LLC

Taking Action to Protect Your Physical Safety and Financial Well-Being

As your lawyer, Debra Lynn Fein will be your dedicated advocate in all matters pertaining to Condo Associations in Florida. She will provide counsel and assistance in the following situations, among others:

  • You have been told that the Association is raising the maintenance fees to the point where you cannot afford to live in your home any longer.
  • A group of other Unit Owners is pressuring you to donate large sums of money to fund its dispute with the Association.
  • You believe a member of the Board is not fit for the job and needs to be recalled.
  • You missed a few payments and now have a lien against your property.
  • The Association will not allow you to install customized hurricane shutters or make other disaster preparations.

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