Handling Disputes Over Condominium Documents

"As your lawyer, I will guide you through this process that requires strict compliance with the applicable laws. At each point in the process, I will provide you with attentive client service and skilled, strategic legal representation." — Attorney Debra Lynn Fein, JD, MBA; Fein Law, LLC

Condominium Documents define the rights and responsibilities of the Homeowners, the Board of Directors and the Association itself. Where applicable, the Condominium Documents also define the rights and responsibilities of the Developer.

A new Condominium Owner is required to receive copies of all of the Condominium Documents upon purchasing a Unit. A careful review of these documents is vital to protecting an Owner's rights and ensuring that the Owner has an enjoyable Condominium experience.

Attorney Debra Lynn Fein has experience reading and interpreting these Condominium Documents. She is able to identify where the documents are in conflict with Florida law. She is also able to explain the limits of an Owner's rights before a conflict with the Association develops. For a set fee, Fein Law, LLC will review your documents with you and explain your rights.

Documents Shall Only Be Amended in a Prescribed Way

Any changes to the Condominium Documents must be done in accordance with the law and the Condominium Documents themselves. An Association that fails to follow the required procedure runs the risk of having the changes to the Condominium Documents nullified.

If a Condo Board fails to follow the legally prescribed procedures for making changes to the Condominium Documents, Owners have the right to take the matter to arbitration to force the Board to retract the changes.

In addition to being a Condominium Law attorney, Debra Lynn Fein is also a Florida Supreme Court Certified Arbitrator. She can help you resolve your document-related disputes. Learn more about Arbitration, amending Condominium Documents or any other issue by requesting a consultation by email or by calling her Fort Lauderdale law firm at 954-533-0825.