Fort Lauderdale Lawyer Protecting Owners' Due Process

"As your lawyer, I will guide you through this process that requires strict compliance with the applicable laws. At each point in the process, I will provide you with attentive client service and skilled, strategic legal representation." — Attorney Debra Lynn Fein, JD, MBA; Fein Law, LLC

Understanding Due Process

Condominium Unit Owners have rights. Before an Association may punish an Owner for a violation of the Association's Rules and Regulations, the Association must follow certain steps outlined in Florida Law. An Owner has legal recourse when the Board fails to follow the legal procedure. It is vital for an Owner in this situation to retain the services of an experienced attorney.

Debra Lynn Fein, JD, MBA is both a lawyer and a Florida Supreme Court Certified Arbitrator. Over her career, she has developed the skills necessary to protect your rights against a rogue Condominium Board.

The Grievance Committee: Your Right to Defend Yourself!

An Association is required by law to uphold the due process of its Owners. Due process is a Constitutional guarantee providing that one who stands accused is entitled to proper notice of the accusation followed by a hearing providing the opportunity for the accused to offer a defense before punishment may be imposed. In the context of the Condominium Association, the Board's Grievance Committee must provide timely notice of the alleged violation, the opportunity for a hearing. Once the hearing is complete, the Grievance Committee renders its judgment and may recommend a sanction, which must be adopted by the Board of Directors.

While all Condo Boards must abide by the applicable laws, not all do. If you find yourself embroiled in a dispute with your Association, contact Fein Law, LLC for a consultation. Call the firm's Fort Lauderdale office at 954-533-0825 or send an email.