Fort Lauderdale Attorney for Condo Liens

A Condominium Association in Florida will often seek to foreclose a Unit when the Owner falls behind in maintenance and/or assessments, often by as little as 60 days. The process begins with a lien. Owners must promptly respond when the Association files a lien against the Unit.

"As your lawyer, I will work hard to negotiate a settlement that fits your budget while preserving your rights in your community." — Attorney Debra Lynn Fein, JD, MBA; Fein Law, LLC

Late Payments Will Limit Your Access to Your Home

If you are behind in your payments, the Association has the right to turn off any device that allows you access into your building through owner-only entrances such as fobs, clickers and/or transponders. You will only be able to access the Unit through those entrances used primarily for guests. If you are a Member of the Board, you may be forced to resign. You may also lose all your privileges to use the condominium amenities, including the swimming pool, beach, exercise room and other facilities. Quickly resolving the lien issue is vital to preserving your full rights to common elements in your home.

Negotiating Payment Schedules for Special Assessments

Owners often misunderstand special assessments, leading to unintended delinquencies and threats of foreclosure. An Owner's failure to pay will give the Association the right to lien the Unit and begin foreclosure. Attorney Debra Lynn Fein will answer all your questions about the special assessment and the proper use of assessment funds, and your obligation to pay.

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