Skilled Counsel With Board Member Recalls in Fort Lauderdale

In Florida, Condominium Owners may remove a Board Member from the Board of Directors by a recall ballot. The recall process is a powerful tool for removing an abusive Board Member. Since many recall disputes are ultimately decided in arbitration, having legal counsel who understands the arbitration process is vital to your success.

"Waging a recall election in your Condominium is a complex process that requires strict compliance with the applicable laws. As your attorney, you can rely on me to provide exceptional representation and client service throughout." — Debra Lynn Fein, JD, MBA; Fein Law, LLC

For Owners: Planning a Recall

Owners seeking a recall should be warned: Recalls may be costly and disruptive. Owners who wage the recall are required to pay their share of the Association's legal fees incurred in connection with the recall. Recalls may be disruptive because friends and neighbors will inevitably take sides against each other. Owners planning a recall should plan a strategy and follow it as closely as possible, including the potential for arbitration. Having counsel who understands both the recall process and the arbitration process is vital to your success. For more information, please review the firm's page on planning a recall.

For Boards: Fighting a Recall

When faced with a recall, a Board of Directors must have proper guidance through the process. The Board that wishes to fight the recall must take timely steps if it is to prevent the recall from being successful. This strategy includes sending the recall to arbitration for ultimate resolution. Engaging counsel who understands the arbitration process is vital to your success. To learn more about fighting a recall, please review the firm's page on this subject.

As a Condominium Lawyer and Florida Supreme Court Certified Arbitrator, Debra Lynn Fein is uniquely qualified to plan your strategy to plan or fight a recall. Contact her Fort Lauderdale office at 954-533-0825 or send her an email to schedule a consultation.