For Owners: Planning a Recall

Recalling a Board Requires Planning and Strategy

Owners who seek to initiate a recall of a member(s) of the Board of Directors must carefully consider the strategy for success. Before distributing the first recall ballot, Owners are advised to have a detailed plan, including the possibility of arbitration and failure.

Owners seeking to recall a Board must make two early strategic decisions.

Choosing the Method of Recall

First, the Owners must decide which method of recall is best suited for their circumstances. Florida law provides two different methods:

  1. Obtain A Majority Vote At A Meeting
  2. By Written Recall

Each process has pros and cons. Owners are advised to learn which method is best for their situation.

Choosing a Unit Representative

Second, the Owners must decide which Unit Owner will lead the recall. Again, Owners are advised to choose carefully. The Unit Representative is the owner whose name will most closely be associated with the recall effort.

Strategic planning is vital to the success of the recall: to keep legal fees low and chances for success high. As both a lawyer specializing in Condominium Law and as a Florida Supreme Court Certified Arbitrator, Attorney Debra Lynn Fein has the knowledge and experience to represent your interests.

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