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February 2016 Archives

Work-made-for-hire: Who owns the copyright?

There are countless industries that employ millions of workers all across the U.S. But what happens when these employees create their own works of art, like graphics, logos, architectural blueprints or compilations for the company? Who owns the creative product?

How does a Florida business prove Copyright Infringement?

As a business, registering all of your Copyrights is a vital step, and hopefully the only time you will ever have to worry about protecting your original work. But if another party ever steals your Intellectual Property, you may have to sue to stop this Copyright Infringement. Without the threat of legal action, your business could be at serious risk.

Addressing intellectual property law issues in Florida

Many new types of businesses and income earning opportunities have arisen in recent times. This means that some Florida business owners may find themselves facing legal challenges related to various issues concerning intellectual property law. It is advisable to seek experienced guidance when attempting to resolve such matters.

Coca-Cola, competitors battling over the word 'zero'

When a Trademark fight has high enough stakes, resolving the matter can take years. Often, neither side is willing to settle out of court, dragging out the dispute until a court or government entity finally issues a decision. At the same time, the dispute could be over something seemingly small, though to the parties, it could be worth millions of dollars.

Brand recognition can set your company apart, so protect it

Experience often drives innovation. Designing a product, starting a company and getting sales coming in the door can take all of your time. Entrepreneurs spend time on design and logos, but then often fail to take the additional step of protecting them with a trademark.

Led Zeppelin sued for trademark infringement over 'Stairway'

Readers may recall that, back in our Jan. 6 post, we defined a Copyright as legal protection given to the creator of an original work of Intellectual Property. Artists and writers rely on Copyright Protection to keep others from stealing or appropriating their hard work.

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