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May 2016 Archives

Alibaba kicked out of anti-counterfeiting trade group

Makers of counterfeit products, which steal companies’ Trademarked logos to pass their goods off as the real thing, are a big problem in many industries, including clothing. Industry groups like the International AntiCounterfeiting Coalition exist to unite competing businesses in the fight against this form of Intellectual Property theft.

Supreme Court may rule soon on Trademark, 1st Amendment disputes

There appears to be a race to the courthouse regarding the Trademark protection the Washington Redskins NFL team has over its controversial nickname. The team wants the U.S. Supreme Court to review a July decision calling on the Patent and Trademark Office to cancel its trademark over the name “Redskins” on the grounds that is an offensive slur against Native Americans.

A rundown of basic copyright protection

Artists of all genres know that there is perhaps no better feeling in the world than putting the finishing touches on a long gestating project, whether that's bringing a story to an end, appending the final notes to a score, putting the brush to the canvas one last time or developing the last photograph for an upcoming show.

Plaintiff offers to drop 'Stairway' suit for $1, writing credit

With a high-profile Copyright Infringement lawsuit looming, the surviving members of legendary hard rock band Led Zeppelin have been offered a settlement. Instead of taking their chances in court, the plaintiff has offered to settle the case for $1. Oh, and co-writing credit on one of the most famous rock ‘n roll songs of all time.

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