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June 2016 Archives

Led Zeppelin prevails in 'Stairway' Copyright Infringement suit

Rock ‘n Roll fans around the world have been closely following the Copyright infringement lawsuit over “Stairway to Heaven,” one of Led Zeppelin’s biggest hits. As we discussed back in April, the estate of the guitarist from 1960s rock band Spirit sued ex-Zeppelin members Jimmy Page and Robert Plant, alleging that they lifted “Stairway’s” opening guitar riff from a Spirit song.

What low-tech solution are celebrities taking to protect live performances?

As we've discussed at length on our blog, entertainers have gone -- and will continue to go -- to great lengths to protect their intellectual property. While these efforts have met with varying degrees of success, there is at least one area in which many entertainers have continually struggled to safeguard their work -- live performances.

3 kinds of damages you can claim for Trademark infringement

When a Fort Lauderdale business discovers that another party has infringed on one of its Trademarks, usually stopping the infringement is the victim’s top priority. And rightfully so; you registered your trademarks so that only your business can use them to market your goods or services to the public.

Is there a Fair Use doctrine for Trademarks too?

A couple months ago, we discussed Fair Use and how it is a potential defense to a Copyright infringement claim. As we said then, federal Copyright Law allows parties to use portions of a Copyrighted work in certain situations, such as in a review, parody or for educational purposes.

5 tips to resolving disputes with your HOA

A report in the Tampa Bay Times makes clear how powerful-and unforgiving-homeowners' associations (HOAs) have become throughout Florida. The article describes an elderly couple in Clearwater whose granddaughter had come to live with them. The girl's father was unknown and her mother was unable to care for her due to long-standing drug problems.

Musicians target YouTube for pirated songs, low royalties

These days, it is vital for new musicians to get their music online if they want to find an audience. Even though there is very little direct profit from putting your songs on streaming services like Spotify, it is one of the easiest ways of releasing your work to a mass audience, especially young consumers.

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