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Intellectual Property Law Archives

Amazon amends its user agreement to protect clients

Intellectual property rights have only become more complex in the digital age, especially as it relates to using online services. Amazon recently took steps to address a number of intellectual property concerns by removing a passage in the Amazon Web Services user agreement, hopefully encouraging more business customers to use their cloud service without fear of third-party legal conflicts.

Judge won't back down on demands in Uber-Waymo trade secrets case

Just before he left Waymo, Google's self-driving car unit, a star engineer downloaded around 14,000 files from the company. He then started a self-driving truck company, which was then bought by Uber. Uber also hired the engineer, which is how trade secrets from Waymo apparently "seeped into" Uber's competing program. Waymo sued for trade secret and other intellectual property violations, unfair competition and other claims.

Tell the world your ideas, but protect your rights to them first

Did you know you could own your ideas? You may have heard the words "intellectual property," but don't really understand what they mean. Intellectual property encompasses the ideas and concepts you have that make your business unique.

Court: Uber knew, or should have, of co-opted Waymo trade secrets

When Uber hired a former engineer from Waymo, Google's self-driving car unit, did it know he was illegally sharing trade secrets with them? A federal judge has ruled they did -- or a reasonable company would have. He has ordered the confidential files to be returned to Waymo, although he didn't completely shut down Uber's own autonomous vehicle program. He did, however, refer the case to the Department of Justice for an investigation into possible trade secret theft.

Intellectual property: taking the mystery out of trade secrets

Nearly every small business owner has some form of intellectual property, even if they don't realize it. At the very least, one can register the company's name as a trademark. In fact, your company's name is often its largest asset.

Are intellectual property assets included in your estate plan?

If you are aware that you possess intellectual property, you probably know how to apply for protection of these tangible assets. What you may not know is provisions that need to be made to transfer intellectual property to your successors.

Protecting and defending your intellectual property

When you start a company, create a work of art or design an innovative product, it's important to ensure it's protected. If not, others can come along and capitalize on your hard work. There are a wide range of protections under intellectual property laws in the United States:

What's the difference between trademarks, patents and copyrights?

Often in our discussions of intellectual property, we focus on the intricacies rather than on the basic concepts. Many times, however, small business owners and entrepreneurs need help identifying what type of intellectual property they possess before they take steps to protect it.

Consult with an attorney to defend your intellectual property

If you are an inventor or company that has a product, service or other original work that holds significant value, then it is very important that you value the idea of protecting that idea as much as you value the idea itself. This is the whole point of intellectual property laws and litigation concerning intellectual property. With out recognized protections for original ideas, works and inventions, there would be little incentive for people to be creative because other parties would simply steal and use their work for their own gain.

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