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Can I reserve a trademark for future use?

When you begin developing a business idea, you may want to trademark a name for a specific product well before refining product to its final state or releasing the product to the market. While it is not possible to fully file for a trademark at this point in the development, the Patent and Trademark Office does offer a solution for those in just this situation.

Should you conduct a trademark search before registration?

Before applying for trademark registration with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), it is in your best interests to do a thorough trademark search. This can help you to avoid potential problems down the road by identifying similar marks that are registered or pending registration.

China grants Trump 38 provisional Trademarks - Is it ethical?

Recently, 38 Trump Trademarks were provisionally approved by China. Public documents show these Trademarks to be for a range of businesses, including hotels, spas, restaurants, finance and real estate companies, bodyguards and escort services.

On trademarks and protecting yours from infringement

Imagine that you own a company. You've done your due diligence and have created an iconic logo and name, and you think that the products you sell and services you offer will synergize nicely with the overall look of your company. You open the doors and your company is almost immediately successful. You've really got something here!

Texas law school can't use new name due to trademark infringement

The South Texas College of Law, or school formerly known as such, must change its name again due to a Trademark infringement lawsuit. The law school's plans to use "Houston College of Law" were halted by a suit filed by the University of Houston Law Center (UHLC) approximately four months ago.

Rock band The Slants takes Trademark battle to Supreme Court

Simon Tam is founder of an Asian-American band called The Slants. When he applied for the band's name to be Trademarked, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office rejected it, finding it offensive. Mr. Tam disagreed, and filed an appeal, claiming a violation of the band's right to free speech. The appeals court agreed and reversed the PTO's decision.

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